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A Kindness Kangaroo with a unique ID card attached for tracking kindness hops.

In stock (can be backordered)

Give your Kindness Kangaroo a unique name so you can more easily follow it across the country and the world. If you don’t provide a name we will create one for you before shipping.
NOTE: If you are ordering multiple please add them one at a time so you can give them each different names.
NOTE: Names must be appropriate and will be reviewed against our naming policy prior to shipping. We reserve the right to refuse a name for any reason.

Add a starting story to your Kindness Kangaroo. This story will be included on it’s profile page.



Each Kindness Kangaroo or Roo comes with a unique ID card. This card contains a unique Roo number, a link to the Roo’s profile, a QR code linked to the Roo’s profile, and the Kindness Kangaroo poem.

Kindness Kangaroos serve as a symbol of encouragement to be kind.
They encourage the recipient to keep them HOPping by also creating an act of kindness.

It could be giving someone a compliment, buying a cup of coffee, or holding the door for someone.

Whatever the act of kindness is, the idea is to also give them a Kindness Kangaroo. The ID card attached to the Roo will encourage the recipient to share their story about the act of kindness they received. They can include the location so the Roo can be tracked as it hops on acts of kindness. The card also encourages them to pass the Kindness Kangaroo along with an act of kindness of their own.

What a fun way to track a kindness project!

How far will your act of kindness go!?

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2 reviews for Kindness Kangaroo

  1. JeanChase11

    Fantastic idea. Can’t wait to get my mob started

  2. Michelle Ceballos

    LOVE LOVE LOVE My Kangaroos they are so easy to keep on me and share share share. Definitely made to last and travel all around the world someday! Love this idea!

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