Kindness Kangaroo Mob Starter (10 Pack)


The Kindness Kangaroo Mob Starter kit comes with 10 Kindness Kangaroos. Each Kindness Kangaroo will be assigned a unique ID and have an online profile created for it. Mobs are a fun way to group your Kindness Kangaroos for a specific cause, fundraiser, or business. You can later expand your mob by adding additional Kindness Kangaroos to it.

Add a description for your mob. You can include why you started the mob, goals for the mob, or anything else you want to display on the mob’s profile.

Optionally give each of the Kindness Kangaroos in your mob a custom name. This name will be displayed on it’s ID card and on it’s online profile. If you leave a name field blank then the Kindness Kangaroo will be named Coco, after our mascot!

Optionally give each of the Kindness Kangaroos in your mob a custom story. This story will be displayed on it’s online profile.



Did you know that a group of kangaroos is called a mob? Typically living in groups of 10 a mob can grow to a hundred or more.

So…. we thought it would be fun to send out our Kindness Kangaroos in mobs. Create a mob for your business, fundraiser, book club, travel vlog, and more.

What a fun way to track a kindness project!


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