What’s a Kindness Kangaroo?

Kindness Kagnaroos serve as a symbol of encouragement to be kind.
They encourage the recipient to keep them HOPping by also creating an act of kindness.

It could be giving someone a compliment, buying a cup of coffee, or holding the door for someone.

Whatever the act of kindness is, the idea is to also give them a Kindness Kangaroo.

Part of the fun of Kindness Kangaroos is to help build their story and
to track how far our acts of kindness can go.

Meet Coco!

Hi, I’m Coco, a coral kangaroo that spreads kindness like it’s confetti. Yup that’s me! hanging out at the top of the page.

The best part of my job is the smiles that come with each hop. I also enjoy seeing my Roo friends along the way.

Did you know that you can create your own Roo to be my friend and join the hundreds out there spreading kindness?
You can even give it a custom name and starting story.
Once you send your Roo out you can track it with it’s unique Roo #.


The First 100

Kindness Kangaroos launched the first 100 Roos on our launch date, 8/25/2021. That’s 100 waves of kindness that we hope will spread across the United States and beyond.

We want to see how many times these kangaroos can hop. Each hop represents an act of kindness. So to think that 100 kangaroos passed along as intentional acts of kindness could generate hundreds, thousands, or more acts of kindness is an amazing feeling.

The launch date of these Roos has special meaning to us as it is the birthday of our brother Michael. Michael lost his battle to brain cancer at only 22 years old and is a big influence on how we live our daily lives.

What's a Mob ?

Did you know that a group of kangaroos is called a mob? Typically living in groups of 10 a mob can grow to a hundred or more.

So…. we thought it would be fun to send out our Kindness Kangaroos in mobs. Create a mob for your business, fundraiser, book club, travel vlog, and more.

What a fun way to track a kindness project!

Create Mob